The Brewtal Truth About our Coffee

By City Seeds, July 27, 2016


I’d like to introduce you to the newest local vendor featured on our menu – Coffee Counselor.  This is the product that has already led more than a few of my coworkers to ask if I’m drinking a beer on the job.  City Seeds may be a laid back company, but that just might cross the line.  Coffee Counselor is a local cold brew coffee company that launched in April of this year.  The company has quickly taken off and grown tremendously in a short period of time.

When I was introduced to Eric Gershowitz, the VP and Director of Sales for Coffee Counselor, I knew my team and I had to try their product.  And once we tried the fair trade, single origin Brazil Cerrado, we agreed it had to be available to our clientele!  Eric says: “One of my favorite parts about Coffee Counselor is educating people about the cold brew process and its health benefits. It’s not about inventing something new, but creating an alternative to a staple of everyday life, coffee. Our motto is ‘to each their own; the science of taste’… so it’s all about finding an origin that’s right for the individual… and even more about the conversation you have to get there!”  Coffee Counselor is also aligned with City Seeds’ focus on sustainability.  In addition to being 100% natural, Eric says the company is “working on a process to turn our used coffee grounds into worm food for A+ fertilizer!”

This cold brew will be added to our catering menu and available at your future events as well as our grab and go locations.  Once you’re hooked, you can order by the case at  The more caffeinated options for your business lunch or corporate breakfast, the better!