Marathon Training

By City Seeds, July 22, 2016


Despite a few challenges, we have certainly hit the ground running with our catering arm…and fast. Not only have we been receiving a steady influx of phone calls and emails for event catering needs, but we have been developing contracts with several large organizations. These contracts range from being a new preferred caterer at venues, to supplying our products on a wholesale level, to running our own kiosks and even their existing cafes! So it seems that generating sales will certainly not be a challenge that City Seeds faces. Hooray! Instead, our team needs to learn how to run just as fast as our business is running, or preferably faster.

What’s the next step? We need to develop and finalize a training program. The upcoming training manual needs to contain background on our company, including our mission and goals, along with detailed information about our different menus and all of our offerings. We also need everyone on our team, from managers to servers and delivery personnel, to go through state-licensed training on food and alcohol safety as well as in depth customer service training. I wish it was as simple as “the customer is always right,” which is true but… we don’t use the word customer because we are delivering a service not just selling a good. How do we handle being wrong and how do we ensure things are made right??? Answers to come in the official City Seeds Training Program!