Start Your Food Business: Know Your Mission

By City Seeds, September 9, 2016

There’s been a fundamental shift in how people perceive work. No matter what generation, folks feel like there is less job security. This means we all put an emphasis on the NOW; wanting to pursue a career that fulfills our passion, and leads us to find our purpose.

This especially rings true for those who have an entrepreneurial spirit. Starting a business is one way in which you can forge your own path; align with your personal mission, your life purpose if you will. But no one ever said starting a business is the easiest path to take.

So how do you prepare yourself to become a business owner? What is that quality that one needs to possess in order to “make it” in the corporate world?

In a recent NYTimes piece Making Modern Toughness, the author quotes Nietzsche: “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

Isn’t that powerful?

This is precisely why our first School of Food workshop is on Defining Your Mission and Values. It’s incredibly important to start with your WHY because of everything that happens in business (and life) after that. You will need to constantly assess opportunities and risks. Most of the time you will not know what you’re doing, and you will absolutely receive metaphorical life punches — or better yet, and excuse the harshness, slaps across the face.

The author goes on to say, “[people who are resilient], as they say in the martial arts world, [are] strong like water. A blow might sink into them, and when it does they are profoundly affected by it. But they can absorb the blow because it’s short term while their natural shape is long term.”

Taking time to reflect and outline WHY you are in something for the long-haul will keep you on track in the day-to-day. It may seem unnecessary or frivolous to think about this when you’re just trying to pay your bills but, trust us, having that north star, that guiding light WILL keep you pushing forward. Not to mention, it’s what you, your employees, and your customers all buy-into in order to make your product the best it can be.

Join us on Tuesday, September 27 to hear from two incredibly mission-driven entrepreneurs from Misfit Juicery about their story, their mission, and how, by being values-oriented, they’ve received amazing business opportunities.

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Ann & Phil, Owners of Misfit Juicery

(Anil and Phil, Owners of Misfit Juicery with their produce.)