City Seeds

A Humanim Social Enterprise

Passionate about food. Driven to transform lives. Proud to be made in Baltimore.

As a Humanim culinary social enterprise, we’re dedicated to creating good jobs and growing small food businesses. Need a crash course on starting a successful food business? Visit School of Food to learn how to cut the mustard. Want a food service job with perks? Apply within. Want a caterer that sources locally? Get in touch today. Searching for qualified workers to cook for your enterprise? Look no further. City Seeds has something for everyone. We’re secretly hoping to be the best thing to happen to the Baltimore food scene since Old Bay.


Kitchen Incubator


We deliver fresh and yummy food everyday to keep you healthy and happy.

Whole Food Production

Cafés + Wholesale

We deliver fresh food daily with a side of social impact. #getinmybelly

Cafés Wholesale
School of Food

School of Food

We help grow the hearts and minds behind tomorrow's kitchens.

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Our mission is to develop the best culinary job opportunities, cultivate the savviest food entrepreneurs, support the finest local food businesses, and have the most delicious social impact in Baltimore.

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Baltimore, MD 21213

Made with love in Baltimore